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Overview - Mill Valley Splicing

Unique Solutions

From locating and stocking hard-to-find products, to fabricating custom-made solutions or developing innovative ways to test specialty assemblies, Mill Valley Splicing prides itself on devising creative, effective solutions for our customers' toughest challenges.

Getting from B to A
A recent example occurred when one of our customers requested an assembly to be fabricated for their all-terrain crane.  The cost of transporting the crane to our facility would have been enormous.  Rather than having them bring the crane to us, Mill Valley Splicing brought our more than 60 years of industry experience to them.

We traveled to our customer's facility and set to work, fabricating a Spelter Button Socket.  Once completed, we were able to load test the assembly that day using our portable test grip.

Not only did we save our customer the cost of delivering the crane to our facility, but we also reduced the down time on this particular piece of equipment, keeping their job on schedule.